Plant The Seed
May 12, 7:00 AM – Jun 12, 10:59 PM
Online Event


Plant the Seed: A Senior Art Exhibition by Francisco Munoz Jr aka Cisco

A lot of work has led up to this; I am pleased to invite you for an artistic experience that will bring new information to light. Through a variety of mediums, the display considers how dynamic, artistic arrangements and compositions can impact the nature of the human experience.

This exhibition is regarding a topic that is currently making many people scarred and causing panic around the globe. It is regarding climate change and the feeling of death that it causes; many people don’t want to think about it since it is a scary topic to discuss. I deem to ratify this by making typical icons of objects involved or affected by climate change and giving them a greater significance of the damage that they are causing and those affected. I also talk about death to show that when one person dies due to climate change it is one too many and I portray the emotions one feels when someone they know passes away.

I also want show the beauty that the world has to offer so that people will want to save it


Capstone Presentation


About the artist

Cisco Munoz

His name is Cisco, but his full name is Francisco Munoz Jr. He mainly creates his art on a digital media with animations or graphic designs, but he does also enjoy using wet and dry methods to make his art since it’s how he started when creating art. Now what he mainly creates art about is the environment and the death and destruction that it causes. He enjoys the concept of personifying concepts or objects such as the earth, oil rigs, fracking, and nature in general. He uses this method in creating most of his environmental pieces because he feels putting a face to what we are hurting and killing gives a bigger impact to the issue. He also feels that all the monster drawings he would do as a child comes into play and cause now, he makes monster like creature and robots based on the environment and environmental issues. He also seeks to show to the beauty in the world in it's current state, cause if we can't appreciate the world as it is then we won't want to see it become better.


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